大韓民國(Đại Hàn Dân Quốc)咍韓國共和朝鮮Bản mẫu:Kor)群噲羅南韓南朝鮮大韓,羅𠬠國家屬東亞,𦣰於姅񣞍南𧵑半島朝鮮。񣞍北夾𢭲北朝鮮。񣞍東韓國夾𢭲㴜日本,񣞍西羅黃海。首都𧵑韓國羅首爾 (Seoul,서울), 𠬠中心都市𡘯次𠄩𨕭世界[1] 𠄧羅城舖全球關重。[2]韓國𣎏氣候溫帶𠄧地形主要羅岱𡶀。領土韓國𣦰𢌌100,032 km方。𠇍民數48兆𠊚,韓國羅國家𣎏密度民數高次𠀧𨕭世界(𢖖孟加拉𠄧臺灣)𪚚數各國家𣎏面積當計。[3]

  1. R.L. Forstall, R.P. Greene, and J.B. Pick, "Which are the largest? Why published populations for major world urban areas vary so greatly", City Futures Conference, (University of Illinois at Chicago, tháng 7 năm 2004) – Table 5 (p.34)
  3. Population density calculated using surface area and population figures from [1].

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